Anna Swan

Player Information:

Name: Anna Swan
DoB: 17 June 1991
Height: 5'7
Bats/Bowls: RHB/RA Seam


BUCS Batting Stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s              
12 11 1 233 23.3 88 1 0  

BUCS Bowling Stats:
M Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Avg Econ. S/r 5wh Best
12 57.3 7 197 11 17.5 3.44 31.3 0 3-25  

Non-BUCS Batting Stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s              
10 9 2 165 23.6 36 0 0  

Non-Bucs Bowling Stats:
M Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Avg Econ. S/r 5wh Best
10 36 3 177 8 22.13 4.92 27 0 3-44  

Hometown: Bishop's Stortford
Nicknames: Swanny, Weasy
Cricket role: Batsman
Degree: Sport and Exercise Science
Year joined: 2009
Representative Cricket: Hertforshire U'11-U'17, Hertfordshire Women's 1st XI
Overseas Tours: Dublin 2005
Cricket Club: Bishop's Stortford
Best batting performance: 65 v Buckinghamshire
Best bowling performance: 6-29 off 9 overs
Highlights of career: Playing for full counties at U'15
Cricketing hero: Andrew Flintoff
Best player on the MCCU circuit: Will find out this year
Most amusing moment on a cricket pitch: Watching a friend try to take a catch, missing and hitting her head and then falling over afterwards/Diving for a ball on the boundary and diving into a pair of stinging nettles.
Worst cricketing moment: Losing to Durham on the last ball of the game, after getting them to 9 wickets with 30 runs still needed, and meaning we didn't get promoted
Favourite CD: Face to Face - Westlife

Favourite film: Mean Girls

Favourite TV programme: Friends, Desperate Housewives
Favourite tipple: Malibu and Coke

Favourite meal and restaurant: Spagetti Carbonara and Cafe Uno
Preferred room mate: Stacey