Dmitri Ratnayake

Player Information:

Name: Dmitri Ratnayake
DoB: 9 March 1990
Bats/Bowls: RHB/RA Slow


MCCU Batting Stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s              
11 13 1 338 28.17 79 3 0  

MCCU Bowling Stats:
M Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Avg Econ. S/r 5wh Best
11 29 1 90 2 45 3.10 87 0 1-47  

Hometown: Mafikeng (South Africa)
Nicknames: Dimi, Da Meat tree
Cricket role: batsmen/off spinner
Year joined: 2011
Representative cricket:
Overseas Tours: Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe
Cricket Club: Bloomfield Cricket club, Soweto Cricket Club,
Best batting performance: 145*
Best bowling performance: 5 wickets for 16 runs
Highlights of career: Being able to practice on a regular basis with the Sri Lankan players who represented Bloomfield
Cricketing Hero: Aravinda De Silva, Mahela Jayawardene, Herchelle Gibbs
Best player on the MCCU circuit: the guy with the hair
Most amusing moment on a cricket pitch: Skying the ball in the air and then watching the guy try to catch the ball with his mouth.
Worst cricketing moment: Dropping four catches and then scoring 1
Favourite CD: Coldplay

Favourite film: Requiem for a dream, City of God, Snatch

Favourite TV programme: Family guy, weeds

Favourite tipple: Brandy and co-cola

Favourite meal and restaurant: Wangthai
Preferred room mate: she