Helen Shipman

Player Information:

Name: Helen Shipman
DoB: 2 March 1991
Bats/Bowls: RHB


BUCS Batting Stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s              
7 6 3 321 107 93 3 0  

BUCS Bowling Stats:
M Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Avg Econ. S/r 5wh Best
7 19 0 80 3 26.7 4.21 38 0 2-45  

Non-BUCS Batting Stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s              
5 5 1 77 19.25 30 0 0  

Non-Bucs Bowling Stats:
M Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Avg Econ. S/r 5wh Best
5 11 1 54 0 - 4.91 - 0 0-22  

Nicknames: Shipman, Shipper’s, Shippo
Cricket role: Opening Batsman
Degree: Fine Art
Year joined: 2010
Representative cricket:  
Warwickshire all age groups
Junior Super 4’s (Regional)
England Academy
Overseas tours:  
South Africa 2006
South Africa 2008
Holland 2006
Holland 2007
Cricket Club: Walmley CC
Best batting performance: 107 no v Leicestershire
Best bowling performance: 3 for 7
Highlights of career: Being selected for Junior Super 4’s since 2007, captaining Warwickshire U19’s Women to South Africa and winning the tournament, 
captaining Walmley CC Ladies into the Premier League in 2009 and getting into the England Academy Winter Squad 2010
Cricketing hero: Ricky Ponting
Best player on the MCCU circuit: Everyone
Most amusing moment on a cricket pitch: Creating different ways of moving to our next fielding position after each over
Worst cricketing moment: Getting out for a Golden Duck
Favourite CD: The Script

Favourite film: Any Bourne Films

Favourite TV programme: The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing

Favourite tipple: Kopparberg

Favourite meal and restaurant: Sunday Roast (The Mother’s)
Preferred room mate: Liz Smart, Becky Grundy