Martin Fearon

Player Information:

Name: Martin Fearon
DoB: 30 July 1991
Bats/Bowls: RHB/RA Spin


MCCU Batting Stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s              
18 8 1 37 5.29 16 0 0  

MCCU Bowling Stats:
M Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Avg Econ. S/r 5wh Best
18 102.3 7 465 19 24.47 4.54 32.37 0 4.15  

Nicknames: Marty, Fearsome, Fearon, Inter
Cricket role: Off Spinner
Degree: Automotive Materials Engineering
Year joined: 2010
Representative cricket: Durham 2XI, 
Overseas Tours: MCC Tour of India
                            Durham Academy Sri Lanka Tour
                            King’s School Tour of Barbados

Cricket Club: Newcastle CC
Best batting performance: 100
Best bowling performance: 7-13
Highlights of career: 1st Class Debut
Cricketing hero: Graeme Swann
Best player on the MCCU circuit:
Most amusing moment on a cricket pitch: Taking a catch at second slip and the batsman not been given out
Worst cricketing moment: The Audi rings
Favourite CD: By the way

film: The Blind side

Favourite TV programme: Californication

Favourite tipple: Southern Comfort and Coke

Favourite meal and restaurant: Steak and Chips
Preferred room mate: Adam Soilleux