William Tavare

Player Information:

Name: William Tavare
DoB: 1 January 1990
Height: 6'
Bats/Bowls: RHB/RA Seam


MCCU batting stats:
M Inns N/O Runs Avg Top 50s 100s          
34 35 3 702 21.93 61 4 0

Hometown: Bristol
Nicknames: Tav
Cricket role: Opening Batsman
Degree: Human Biology
Year joined: 2009
Representative Cricket: Gloucester and Somerset 2nd XI, England Schools U'18
Overseas Tours: -
Cricket Club: Bristol
Best batting performance: 163* v St Lawrence & Highland Court
Best bowling performance: 6-30 v Somerset CCC
Highlights of career: Watching Solanki score 270 when fielding for a day and a half for Gloucester 1st XI
Cricketing hero: Graham Thorpe
Best player on the MCCU circuit: Chris Roper
Most amusing moment on a cricket pitch: When Steve Snell took all 3 stumps out when the batter hadn't moved
Worst cricketing moment: Dropping any catch
Favourite CD: Eyes Open - Snow Patrol

Favourite film: Blood Diamond

Favourite TV programme: Family Guy

Favourite tipple: Becks

Favourite meal and restaurant: Stir Fry and Nando's
Preferred room mate: Nitesh Patel